A Fruitful Exhortation to the Reading of Holy Scripture

Jan 8, 2023    Fr. Chris Findley

Fr Chris Findley Sermon for the The First Sunday of Epiphany on the Homily on the Reading of the Scripture on January 8, 2023. This is chapter one in the sermon series on The First Book of Homilies.

The First Book of Homilies

I. A Fruitful exhortation to the reading of Holy Scripture.

II. Of the misery of all mankind.

III. Of the salvation of all mankind.

IV. Of the true and lively faith.

V. Of good works.

VI. Of Christian love and charity.

VII. Against swearing and perjury.

VIII. Of the declining from GOD.

IX. An exhortation against the fear of death.

X. An exhortation to obedience.

XI. Against whoredome and adultery.

XII. Against strife and contention.